Our Flowers & Plants

The end of March and beginning of April starts the vegetable transplant season. The cole crops that can tolerate colder temperatures are out for sale. Also, Mountain Pinks and Pansies start to go along with cool weather perennials.

Mid-April, we fill the benches with perennials, nursery stock arrives weekly and mulching materials are available to our customers. Bulk natural hardwood, dyed black and brown and composted soil can be loaded in your pick-up.

As the nights warm up, we fill the front of the greenhouse with tomato, pepper, eggplant and herbs. CLICK HERE for our varieties of tomatoes and peppers.

At the same time, the inside of the greenhouse comes alive with color: hanging plants, assorted potted plants and flats (yes we still carry flats!) of bedding plants.

Cierech Greenhouse Flowers & Plants-Cierech’s Greenhouse - vegetables